Littlekit Spaceman
Littlekit SpacemanLittlekit Spaceman

Littlekit Spaceman


Go on an intergalactic adventure with this Littlekit spaceman dressing up kit. The kit includes a helmet, gloves, belt, flag, specimen jar, moon dust and instruction manual

Suitable for age 3 to 7 years.

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Product Description

An adventure in a bag perfectly describes our Littlekit Spaceman dressing up kit. Ethically sourced and eco friendly, each Littlekit is handmade and finished in Dorset.

The kit allows children to use their imagination and develop their role play skills. The instruction manual and accessories make suggestions for children to act out and immerse themselves in their Spaceman character. A perfect and unusual present for that little Spaceman in your life.

Littlekit Spaceman

The helmet is made from leatherette with a felt lining and velcro fastening
The gloves are made fromleatherette
The belt is made from leatherette with a felt linig and vecro fastening
The flag is nylon with a plastic handle                                                                             The jar is plastic with a metal lid
The  dust is in a glass bottle and filled with glitter with a ribbon tie
The instruction manual is made from recycled card and paper and is A6 in size

Additional Information


H 26cm
50cm circumference


L 68cm
W 8cm


H 31cm
W at wrist 10cm


A6 Recycled card and paper


Height 4cm ribbon tie 70cm


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