About Us

The Littlekit Philosophy

We all remember those long summers spent outside, immersed in our own imaginations and dressed up as pirates, cowboys or astronauts. We thought the days would last forever in the magical world we'd created.

Imaginative play is a fundamental part of a child's emotional and social development, but modern life often means the opportunity for a child to use their imagination is slowly slipping away.

Littlekit is about holding on to this vital skill set by providing children with high quality products that encourage and enable fun developmental play. Our philosophy is 'Imagination takes you everywhere...' and that's the core of everything we do at Littlekit.

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Our Story

About Victoria

Child development is my passion and as an early years professional I've witnessed first hand the positive effects imaginative play has on a child's future.


About Laura

Passionate about vintage, I've always had an obsession with anything old, whether it be finding inspiration or the fascination of its previous life.


2014 - Present...

Littlekit was founded in 2014 by fashion designer Laura Basevi and child development expert Victoria Blandford.

We dream up, design and manufacture all of our Littlekit playwear and accessories from our beautiful Dorset studio.



When Laura met Victoria

Laura and Victoria met at their children's ballet class, the start of our daughters love of dressing up in anything pink! We'd both just moved from London to Dorset and immediately became great friends.

Since then we've had such fun developing Littlekit and are really excited about how the Littlekit brand is developing.

Here & There...

// Entered into the Junior Magazine Design Awards 2016 for Best Toy 3 to 5 Year Old category.

// Featured on Little Spree's website and their Instagram page.

// As seen on Fearne Cotton's Instagram page during Children in Need 2015.

Creativity is now as important in education as literacy
Sir Ken Robinson
Play is the way children discover themselves, starting with their fingers and toes, their emotions and their minds
Joan Almon
When children say 'Let's pretend' a new landscape of possibilities for learning is revealed
Curtis & Carter